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Historic Homes Walking Tour 3

This is a walking tour of the historic Mountain View districts now known as Waverly Park and Cuesta Park.
Length: The entire walking tour, round trip, is 3.6 miles long and should take about an hour and ten minutes, not including time spent to stop and look.
Map: Click here for a map showing the route of the entire tour with the letters on the map corresponding to those on this page.
Special Conditions: Parts of this tour travel along streets not having any sidewalks. As this neighborhood is very quiet, this really shouldn't be an impediment for you, but if you think it is, you might try the tour on your bike instead. If you do, you can easily reach the tour via the Stevens Creek Trail, by exiting it at Sleeper Avenue, which places you right at the first stop on the tour. Of course walkers can get there in the same way. If you are on the park, at the end of the tour there is an add on house found in Shoreline Park.

Start at ...

A.  992 Sleeper Avenue map it corner of Sleeper and Franklin Built: c. 1920
Style: American Craftsman
  • huge
  • two-story
  • visible rafters typical of this style
  • multi-pane windows
Next: Walk south on Franklin, turn left on Diericx and continue southeast for about five blocks in total to reach ...

B.  2715 Diericx Drive map it near Diericx and Levin Built: c. 1925 (and since restored)
Style: Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival
  • large
  • red tile roof
  • wrought iron decoration
  • balconies
  • varied windows
  • arched doorways
Originally owned by: Frank and Mamie Levin Huff. Schools are named after both families. He was principal of an elementary school and city postmaster. This house was originally located at the end of Levin Avenue, near Stevens Creek.
Next: Walk north on Diericx, turn left on Levin Ave, walk six blocks and turn right on St. Giles Lane to reach ...

C.  2682 Saint Giles Lane map it at the end of the Saint Giles cul-de-sac off Levin Built: c. 1913
Style: American Craftsman
  • multiple gables
  • visible roof supports
  • elaborate front porch piers
Originally owned by: Charles Bernard Escolle and family, fruit growers from Monterey.
Next: Walk back to Levin, turn back left, walk one block to Sun-Mor Avenue, turn left, walk north two blocks, turn left on Eunice and walk two blocks to reach ...

D.  655 Eunice Avenue map it near Eunice and Cooper Park Built: c. 1920
  • large frame
  • rustic
  • high roofline
  • many gables and windows
Originally: a speakeasy, distillery, gaming room, greyhound track and bordello during the 1920s and early '30s. The club finally closed in 1937.
Next: Continue west three blocks on Eunice to Carol Ave, turn north , turn right on Sleeper and walk half a block to reach ...

E.  462 Sleeper Avenue map it near Sleeper and Sunnyview Built: c. 1900
Style: Farmhouse
  • two-story
  • gable roof
  • large porch
  • one of the only remaining farmhouses south of El Camino Real
Next: Turn around and proceed west on Sleeper to Grant Road, turn left and walk half a block to reach ...

G.  2221 Grant Road map it near Sleeper and Grant Road Built: c. 1900
Style: Queen Anne
  • elaborate
  • hipped roofs
  • bay windows
  • hexagonal porch
Originally owned by: the sons of Charles H. Mercer, early San Francisco candy manufacturer.
Next: Walk north on Grant Road to Cuesta Drive. Cross Grant Road and continue northeast on Grant Road. Shortly you will reach the sidewalk of an unconnected side street. This is Tyler Park Way. Walk north on this street to reach ...

G.  1531 Tyler Park Way map it at the south end of Tyler Park near Grant Built: c. 1925
Style: American Craftsman Bungalow
Originally owned by:
Next: Walk north on Tyler Park and turn left on Barbara. Walk west four blocks and turn left on Leona Lane. Follow this curving lane to Begen Ave and turn left to reach Cuesta Drive. Turn left on Cuesta and walk to reach Miramonte. At Miramonte, cross Cuesta and walk two blocks to reach ...

H.  1855 Miramonte Avenue map it near Miramonte and Rose Ave Built: c. 1927
Style: English Country Cottage
  • elaborate
  • high gables
  • two story bay window
  • half timbering
Originally owned by: William P. and Nellie Swall Wright, until 1948. He was a founder of the First National Bank of Mountain View and a real estate broker. The house was originally surrounded by orchards.
This is the end of the tour. Hope you enjoyed it!

To get back to the start of the tour, walk north again to reach Cuesta Drive. Turn right and continue on it to Grant Road. Cross Grant and turn right to reach Sleeper Ave. Turn left on Sleeper and follow it east to its end.

If you're on your bike you might like to see the bonus stop below, the Rengstorff House. To get there, get on the Stevens Creek Trail and head north until reaching Shoreline Park. Once there, go through the gate and follow the main road into the park to reach the house just before the sailing lake. This is a trip of about 6 miles.

3070 North Shoreline Boulevard map it in Shoreline Park near the sailing lake Built: 1867 (restored 1994)
Style: Italianate Victorian
  • probably the oldest structure in Mountain View
  • symmetrical two-story
  • hip roof
  • central gable
  • five-panel front door
  • many tall windows
  • strong vertical lines
  • pillared entryway
  • operated by city as a museum
  • tourable interior
  • accompanying tank house
  • has its own website
Originally owned by: Henry Rengstorff, a German lured to California by the gold rush and Mountain View pioneer who operated a wharf and boating operation near where the house stands today. He married another German, Christine Hassler, and their seven children also lived in the house, which was moved from what is now the Shoreline business park to the current location in 1994.
This is the real end of the tour. Hope you enjoyed it!
main house
tank house

All photos by ET. Thanks so much, ET!
August 31, 2009
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