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Description of the Village

Novo Nikolaevka was a Roman Catholic daughter-colony of colony Elsass (of the Kutschurgan enclave) in Beresan, Odessa, Ukraine. During the years 1941-44 it also bore the name Weidenberg.

It should not be confused with the village Nikolayevka which is located 4405'N 4305'E and 3.8 miles north northeast of Pyatigorsk (now called Pjatigorsk) which is located 4402'N 4303'E.

Along the southwest side of the village is a hill (Berg) where the residents grew vines or fruit trees. The soil was sandy, but fertile and produced delicious grapes. Between the hill and the village is a grassy valley where the animals grazed. A small, lazy river meanders through and willow trees (Weiden) grew on both sides, hence giving the village its name. It was a friendly-looking village, beautiful and peaceful.

A rumor said that after the war it disappeared, replaced by an airport. How sad! But a recent visitor (1995) reported that this is untrue. All the buildings still stand, now looking different and neglected.



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The following surnames are known to have dwelt in the village. (Surnames displayed like this indicate that I have genealogical information on one or more individuals in that family.)

Braunstein, Ebertz, Fischer, Gelsenlichter, Hegele, Hoegele, Maier, Maisam, Mastel, Merdian, Merk, Mook, Muller, Nold, Plattner, Schumacher, Urich, Wagner, Weigel, Welter, Wingerter, Winz

Wohl dem, der seiner Vaeter gerne gedenkt,
der froh von ihren Taten, ihrer Groesse
den Hoerer underhaelt und, still sich erfreuend,
ans Ende dieser schoenen Reihe
sich geschlossen sieht!

--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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